Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So, You Think it Won't Sell?

I've picked up items at thrift stores only to have my husband ask, "That will sell?"  Yep!  I've been at this for a long time, but I am still amazed at what some people will buy.  A fellow eBay-er just sold this  "Dead Cat."  Who knew there was actually someone out there looking for just the right dead cat to bring into their home?

Just a few days ago, I sold THREE small bags of Coconut M&M's to three different people, all from the same city in Canada.  Of course, I was quite curious as to what brought on the sudden urge to have Coconut M&M's by three residents of Edmonton, but then I received a note from the one who felt it necessary to pay $13 to have me ship this $1.75 bag of candy via Priority Mail.  She asked me to be sure to ship quickly because the M&M's were for a scavenger hunt!  So, I guess she's gonna win since she paid extra to get them sooner than the other two.  And, I'm sure the other two thought that surely no one else thought to find them on eBay.  Boy, do THEY have a surprise coming!  I sure hope the grand prize is something good.

I'm not sure who pays $100+ for a pair of ugly (but extremely comfy) Birkenstock sandals, but they eventually get tired of them and donate to local thrift stores.  Ah HA!  That's where I come in, swoop 'em up and resell in my eBay Store!   I've lost track of how many pair I've sold, but they DO sell!  This is the latest pair I've sold.

I'd better get back to it... just sold a Build-a-Bear with Karate Outfit Blue Belt and I need to ship him off to his new home in Florida.

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