Saturday, February 26, 2011

It's 5 o'clock Somewhere

...and, it's hot, cold, rainy and snowy somewhere, as well!  As an eBay seller, I have to be aware of this at all times.  Because I make my merchandise available worldwide, I have to be mindful that just because it may be 100 degrees where I live, it's snowy and below freezing, somewhere.  And, the folks who live there are going to need snow boots and gloves, heavy winter coats, etc.  There are also people who may be traveling TO a climate unlike that of their hometown and they are unable to find appropriate clothing in their local stores.  That's where I and my fellow eBay sellers come to their rescue! 

Also, just because it isn't Christmas season does not mean I store away my Christmas themed items until November.  I keep all seasonal items (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, etc.) in my store year round.  There are lots of folks who like to start shopping for holiday items in advance.  Just this week, I sold a Halloween wig to a customer in Australia.  If you have a "medium" level eBay store, you're paying 5¢ per month to keep your items listed.  That's just 60¢ a year... a small price to pay for year round exposure of your product.