Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pre-Digital Instant Photos a la Polaroid

I remember when it was a big thrill to have a Polaroid instant camera and to be able to see your photos instantly.  That was WAY before digital cameras!  But, if you think that those old Polaroid dinosaurs are worthless, today, THINK AGAIN.  They are HOT sellers on eBay!  So, when you see them at the thrift stores, grab them up.

Sure, Polaroid stopped production of instant cameras in 2007 and stopped producing film for these cameras in 2008.  BUT, "The Impossible Project," has come to the rescue!  They are making instant film for classic Polaroid cameras, helping those cameras make a "comeback."  I recently sold a Polaroid instant camera to The Impossible Project and was super-excited about that sale! 

Now, you may be wondering how I test these cameras to ensure that they actually work.  Well, once upon a time, I found a couple of those cameras that still had empty film cartridges in them.  If you remember, the film cartridges had the battery built in to them.  So, I held onto them and used them to test cameras (insert empty film cartridge, close film door, press shutter button... if it acted like it was taking a picture, it worked!).  But, eventually, the batteries in those film cartridges went dead and I haven't found any, since (and, I'm just too cheap to buy a new pack of film solely for this purpose).  So, now, I just indicate that the cameras seem to be in good condition but that I am unable to test the camera, since I have no film.  It hasn't hurt sales one bit and I've never had a problem with any of those sales. 

Be sure to mention in your listings the type of film your particular camera takes.  Most of them take Polaroid 600 film, but there are a few that take a different type.  Indicate whether or not there is a strap included and if there is a flash, auto focus, etc.  You can usually pick up one of these cameras for a dollar or two at thrift stores and yard sales.  My average selling price is $24.99.  It's a decent profit for little work and they fit perfectly in the small 7" X 7" X 6" free USPS Priority Boxes. 

Hey!  I just sold another one, so I'm off to get it packaged up and ready to be shipped out to its new owner. 

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