Sunday, October 30, 2011

Making Money While I Sleep

Oh, how I love making money while I sleep!  You see, while I'm sleeping here on the east coast of the USA, folks in Australia, and other parts of the world, are wide awake and SHOPPING.  This is one of the perks of being on online seller.  It can run on "autopilot" while I sleep, travel, etc.  

Please don't misunderstand.  This business requires work.  Lots of it.  There's shopping for inventory, research, cleaning/preparing inventory for sale, photographing and editing, writing descriptions, pricing and creating the listing... and then, shipping.  All of that, and more, goes into EACH item that I sell. 

This morning, I woke up to this nice sale to a customer in Australia.  Birkenstocks!   

And, what's really great is that I paid less than $2 for these brand new shoes at the local Goodwill Clearance Store!   A $50 profit while sleeping is nice, don't you think?
You see, I had some outpatient surgery last week and, while I have been able to do some shipping to get my orders out on time, I'm still in some pain and haven't felt like getting out and shopping for inventory, etc.  But, I haven't had to put my store on vacation, so the sales keep coming in.  If I worked a traditional job, my income would just stop or I'd have to dip into vacation time.  

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