Monday, August 22, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake

I love me some cake and I generally don't care what shape it's in, as long as it tastes good.  But, there are many folks who are pretty particular about the form their cake takes on and that's where these fabulous Wilton cake pans come into play.  Did you know that Wilton will discontinue production on certain pans after a period of time?  That is not fun for the retail shopper who is looking for that 1979 Donald Duck Wilton Cake Pan, because it was long ago discontinued.  But, that situation can turn into some positive cash flow for the trained eye of the eBay seller!  I bought that pan for $1 at a local Goodwill store.  I did a little research and found that it is no longer being made and checked completed listings of that same pan on eBay and now I wait for the right buyer to come along.

Sure, there are some pans that are more in demand than others, but I don't pass up any of them.  I bring them home and give them a good cleaning and then check the item number that is stamped on the pan.  In Donald Duck's case, that pan is Wilton #502-7245.  I first check the Wilton website for information on that pan by plugging in that item number in the search box on the site.  Because the Donald pan is so old, it was not listed there.  So, another site I check for information is Slice of Heaven, where I was able to find the baking and decorating instructions for free.  Whenever the pans I sell do not have the baking/decorating instructions with them, I always email the buyer a copy of them in either a link or an attachment to an email.  This is a big selling point, as most people don't know where to find the baking/decorating instructions.

Most of the Wilton pans are pretty lightweight and can be shipped pretty inexpensively via First Class Mail, if wrapped in bubble wrap and a lightweight PolyMailer, or in a Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box.   There is a very nice return on investment with Wilton Cake Pans.  But, you just have to be patient and wait for the right seller to come along.  Here are all of my currently listed pans:  Wilton Cake Pans

Maybe, you'll be inspired to check your local thrift stores for any Wilton Cake Pans.  Or, maybe, you've been inspired to buy one of MINE and bake yourself a cake!  :-)


  1. question If you can ship these pans via first class mail why would you ship Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box? Wouldnt just regular priority mail be cheaper?

  2. It all depends on how much that particular pan weighs and where it's going. If it's an international order and the customer wants Priority Mail International, it's WAY cheaper to send it in a Priority Flat Rate Box than just a plain ole Priority Mail Box (even if it weighs only one pound).