Sunday, September 9, 2012

Labor Day Finds!

It's been a good while since I've posted.  Please accept my apologies.  Life, family and business all take precedence.  But here I am!  I've had a nice, steady flow of sales from my eBay store this weekend, which is a nice change over the past few weeks.  

Last Monday was Labor Day here in the states and all of our Goodwill thrift stores were 50% off all day long.  So, off I went to hit up the Goodwills and made out like a bandit!  I think I spent a total of around $35 all day and scored some nice, profitable inventory.

I paid 50 cents for this and, since it's headed to Canada, the buyer had to pay shipping! --->

Here's my bit WOOT from my Labor Day finds.  I believe this cost me $1 and it's brand new.  Pendleton shirts are a great find, so if you happen upon one for a low price and it's in excellent condition, grab it!  
This lovely shirt is headed to Kazakhstan, so the buyer had to pay shipping.  See?  Offering  free shipping (only to US addresses), doesn't mean I'm losing money!

I've already dedicated a post to selling board games, BUT let me emphasize, once again, how profitable they can be!  I paid no more than $3 each for these games on Labor Day (that was just 6 days ago!):
 Because of it's size/weight, I did NOT offer free shipping on this one.

 Interesting tidbit about this Inventors game... this was my husband's favorite board game as a child!  Several years ago, before I caught the eBay selling bug, I bought him one off eBay for Christmas and paid over $40 for it.  Mine didn't sell for that much, but it was STILL a nice, quick profit.

Another super fast seller for me is a Boy Scout uniform shirt or pants.  I paid $1 for this uniform shirt and it didn't last more than a couple of days in my store.   I always make sure to indicate all patches and such that are attached to the uniform piece.  My son is a Boy Scout, so I am well aware how much these uniform pieces cost new.  This buyer got a bargain!

 And, now I'm going to reiterate another of my previous posts, where I talked about selling Microwave Glass Turntables.  Talk about a nice profit!  I can generally get these at thrift stores for anywhere from 50 cents to $2, but usually no more than $1 each.  This is one I purchased during my Labor Day shopping trip.  

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing your information. I started selling on ebay in the beginning of March and have already reached Top Rated Seller. I'm always on the lookout for more information. I haven't heard of pendleton. Thanks for the tip. I have about 10 microwave turntables that I need to list..LOL

    Margaret @ Live Like No One Else

  2. Good for you, Margaret!! I'm glad you found the info. useful. You should join us at eBay Underground! LOTS of great info to be learned there.