Monday, November 15, 2010

I Give Stuff Second Chances

I was just thinking today about second chances.  Last week, I was digging through lots of "stuff" at a local thrift store and thinking about the many people who used to own it all.  They gave up on those items!  At one time those items were gifts from loved ones, things folks saved their hard-earned money to purchase, family heirlooms, etc.  But, their time was up.  These items were no longer treasured by their original owners and were sent to the thrift store in exchange for a tax deduction.  

As I dug through it all, I found many items that still had lots of "life" left in them.  Shoes that just needed a good cleaning and polishing.  Video games that, while they are no longer the newest technology, can still keep the attention of a small child.  Dolls that could still make a little girl smile.  Books that can still be read. You get the idea.  

So, I left this particular store with three large bags FULL of items that I hope to give a second chance to.  Last night, I cleaned up a few pairs of shoes, took their pictures, wrote their descriptions and made them available to the world.  One was a pair of Dansko clogs for a small child.  They were just adorable!  I wondered who the original owner was and did she wear them on her first day of school.  They still had lots of wear left in them.  Well, less than an hour after they became available for purchase, they were snagged up for $19.99 and are now on their way to Alaska for their second chance.

So, while I'm enjoying the monetary profit of this business, it does make me smile to know that I've given these items a second chance.

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